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Paint manufacturing is a very complex process. Five critical parts in the paint manufacturing process are ingredients measurement, pigment dispersion and preparation, let-down, laboratory testing, and canning. Attention to detail and highly-calibrated vats to scale make our paints unique and amazing!

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We Elevate Your Home's Beauty

“We strive to add colour in people’s lives by not just transforming walls but lives and bringing a million smiles across the country.”
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CEO, Sri Yash Polycoats

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Our Expertise

We Are Experts In Paints & Supplies

Skytek Paints provides quality paint, paint supplies, and equipment for residential, commercial and interior designers. Our products deliver a better value at a competitive price!

Know Us!

As one of the reputed brands, our coatings are used for a wide range of structures, from apartments to office buildings.

Wall Surface Covering

You can be confident in the covering power of our paints. Our paint will give the coverage stated in our product information.

Painted Wall

Our paints will give you an even uniform finish without patchiness.

Our Project

Latest Project

Our paints have a creamy consistency and unrivalled formula that deliver consistent results.

Prep For A Paint

Inside every tin of paint is a mix of art, science and a little bit of magic that make Skytek Paints the nation’s favourite paint.

House Painting Essentials

We’re committed to bringing you more than just perfect colour. Find out how we’ve been developing our products and services to paint a brighter future.

Our Process

Get Your Home Painted in 3 Steps

Getting your office or home painted is as simple as 1-2-3! Select colours and shades from a wide range of palette that suit your taste and plans.


Select your colour

Find your favourite shades from a palette of over 250+ colours.

Schedule Your Service

Visit or call our distributors for a free consultation to best meet your needs.


Enjoy Newly Painted

Our paints fit in your budget and our products enhance your living space.



What Our Customers Say

Ranjit Kumar

Great collection of paints and diverse colours. Skytek Paints has given our home a new and elegant look. Each room is as envisioned by my family.

Ranjit Kumar

Project Manager

Ramani Kumari

Skytek Paints has delivered what they have promised. I'm glad I chose Skytek over expensive paints. I'm happy with the renovation of our office project.

Ramani Kumari

Marketing Head

Rahul Kapoor

My apartment has come to life after using Skytek Paints. I also endorse their professional team and the city-wide availability of their supplies.

Rahul Kapoor

Software Developer

Skytek Paints is an exclusive, high-quality paints and specialty coatings manufacturer based in Hyderabad. We are passionate about innovation and are proud to be one of the preferred paint and coating solution brands in India.

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